Lilly Chabot
Manager Admin and Student Services

When people ask me how I got into a career in Admin, I tell them “The career chose me”. I’ve always been very organised and good at creating and maintaining a stable environment. Having a job that is meaningful and makes a difference to the lives of others is also important to me. Prior to joining the Demi International team in July 2019, I spent 6 years working for “profit-for-purpose” organisation where I was involved in raising funds for the charity organisations that were our clients. In my new role I’m given the opportunity to keep growing personally and learn something new every day. It is
very rewarding to me to be involved in the first steps towards helping students begin a career in an industry they love. I admire the fact that people have a passion and want to make a career out of it.

My main goal is to facilitate the process, make sure the students have the support they need to take their skills to the next level. I think my colleagues would say that the best thing I bring to the work environment every day is my sense of humour. There’s always a lot of laughs, which makes the working environment, fun and enjoyable. Helps us all get through the busy day!

You can’t tell from my picture, but I was born in France. I’ve travelled, studied and worked in a few countries including India and Spain and Australia has been my home for 6 years now. My accent is pretty unique, not quite Aussie but not quite French anymore either. When I’m not at my desk you’ll find me caring for my veggie garden and plants in general. What do I believe the key to success is? Persistence! Don’t let the drawbacks affect you. Focus on
finding solutions instead of promoting problems.

Nikki Photo
Nikki Wicks
Campus Coordinator  – Toowoomba Campus

After working as an office admin for years, I decided to try a different career and entered the beauty industry as a mature age student. This meant, I was really committed to my education and driven to find employment at the end of my studies.

I worked in a small beauty boutique in Toowoomba and a large franchise beauty salon. I really love the environment of a small community salon. I believe you have more time to really connect with your clients in this setting, and this is what I like the most about my job.

From working in the industry and really enjoying my job, I then decided to share my passion with others and enrolled to complete a Certificate IV Trainer and Assessor qualification.

At Demi International, I have found a job I really love. I get to combine my office administrations skills, student support services and training in beauty and makeup. I find being part of the student journey rewarding and satisfying as I watch them grow in confidence and in their skills, all the way to them landing their first job in the industry.

I believe the key to success is determination and confidence. You may suffer setbacks; however, you really need to keep pushing in your pursuit of happiness.

I’m also a country girl through and through and hope to one day have my own acreage property and stock it with animals.

Marly Alanya
Campus Coordinator – Chermside

My love of learning about the achievement of goals and overcome challenges was the motivation to complete a Business Administration Bachelor. I love to help companies to be successful and people to achieve their goals. I am very passionate about working with people and so completed my Master’s degree in Human Resource Management.

The two people who inspire me most are my parents who taught me how to overcome difficulty and challenges, remain strong, respect others and have the courage to follow my dreams.

 What I love about this role would be the idea of helping people to achieve their career goals to get that dream job in the future. I like to hear people’s stories and connect with them to understand their needs and wants and see what can be done to meet these goals and pursue a career they really want.

I’ve been told that I’m funny and I’m always smiling person. I like playing beach volleyball, tennis and swimming after work. I love going to the beach during the weekends, always hunting for amazing bakery shops and food in general (I love food, but I don’t eat chilli)

The key to success for me is to enjoy every single day like it was your last day and find happy moments to be grateful for every single day.

Roberta Vieira profile-pic-square
Roberta Vieira
Campus Coordinator – Cairns

I am a very optimistic person who loves helping people feel their best and this is can be one of the most rewarding parts of working in the beauty industry. I also believe in education and how this can change people’s life journeys. For this reason, my role at Demi International is very fulfilling, helping students in the career they’ve chosen and to be surrounded by strong and driven individuals.

I came to Australia to take a Business and Marketing Master’s degree. Maybe this was just an excuse, but I found myself here. I have worked in Marketing for Education and also for Tourism segments for most of my life, including experiences of mega-events such as the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games, which makes me love to be surrounded by people from different backgrounds.

People usually don’t guess correctly, but I am originally from Brazil and I have been in Australia for 4 years. I am the first one in my extended family to have a Bachelor’s degree, to be able to speak English and to travel overseas. I consider myself very lucky, but luck without effort does not exist.  My journey was challenging and I always give my best to achieve my dreams (people would say goals, I would say dreams when they are far away from you). I believe determination and perseverance are the keys to success. Nothing comes easy and the hardest challenges are also the ones that are the most rewarding when you achieve them.

Donna Chadwick
Diploma of Beauty Trainer – Sunshine Coast Campus

Donna loves teaching. She’s been teaching for 26 years! In fact, the biggest influence in her Beauty career was her Academy teacher, who inspired her to follow a career in education. She loves to pass on her knowledge, all with a quirky Lancashire sense of humour and a genuine love for her students. Donna holds professionalism and ethics in the highest regard and encourages her students to embrace each lesson.

It is also important to her that students are taught how to be prepared for the industry, so she focuses on emulating this as much as possible in practical and clinic sessions. Experience has taught her this makes the transition from academy to industry true, realistic and seamless. Apart from teaching Donna’s most memorable experience was opening her own Salon.  A thriving business that employed 6 staff and had a loyal client base, many of which still come to see her for their treatments today. Donna is now in her 36th year of service in the Beauty Industry.

The most humbling and heart-felt comments from a student that Donna has received was from a Single mum of 3 including an autistic child and a disabled child. Who never missed a class.

“I had lots of road blocks ahead of me when I started this course, at times I though I just can’t do this. But every time I thought this I remembered your sweet smile Donna. Your kind hand on my shoulder telling me, this is my time, and how happy I feel on each training day.  Now I have completed my diploma and have a part time beauty job. I have no more road blocks just an endless highway of happiness.”

I asked Donna what the most important thing to her was.

Family. My goal in life is to be happy, kind, helpful and understanding. Life is too short so make it count! I feel so lucky to watch my family grow with health and happiness and to work in this Beautiful industry. I feel blessed everyday that I have chosen this pathway.

…and what do you believe is the key to success?

When you have a dream, a passion, work hard at it.  Stay professional.  Have respect for yourself and others.  Open your mind to possibilities.  If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

Beauty Trainer Chelcey Quinn
Chelcey Quinn
Diploma of Beauty Trainer – Sunshine Coast Campus

Originally from Scotland, Chelcey arrived in Australia 8 years ago after following her heart. She now lives with her husband and two babies in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.


Chelcey began her career at 14 in her family salon. From there she progressed to Spa’s, managing salons and franchises. Each new position helped her gain more experience and qualifications as she grew along with the rapidly changing health and beauty industry. Chelcey also became a small business owner providing spray tans, lashes, waxing, gel nails and acrylic nails. For the last 8 years she has been working in the dermal side of the industry working with laser hair removal, advanced chemical peels, skin resurfacing, pigmentation and vascular treatments. Chelcey holds an open trainers full license with QLD radiation and health. After years of experience in the industry Chelcey is so happy to join the Demi International team and follow her passion for training and assessing students.


Chelcey’s key to success: Envision what you want, work towards it, take small steps but always picture yourself achieving your goal.  Delays may come, obstacles may arise but never lose that imagine of yourself achieving and living your goals, and they will come to you!


Ali Porter
Diploma of Beauty Trainer – Toowoomba Campus

Making people feel good about themselves mind, body and spirit is Ali’s aim when she goes to work in her own salon B.lush Studios in CBD Toowoomba. Lashes and makeup are her top services. When I asked her who she was most inspired by she answered

Australian Make-up Artist Rae Morris. She shares so much of her knowledge and the secrets to her success.

As an experienced Beauty Therapist, she has a keen interest in anti-ageing techniques and has worked with many Skin Care Companies over her years in salons. Ali loves to travel and hopes to add more stamps to her passport and while she’s there, advance her skills in her other love, photograph. You’ll find yourself laughing at Ali’s spontaneous antics in the classroom where the focus is on communication skills and hands on practice.

As a teacher she loves to see students blossom into industry professionals and uncover their own special talent. It is her intention to have her graduate’s leaving college confident in their skills and knowledge and on their way to finding the job of their dreams.

Ali’s tips for success

  • Practice and persistence
  • Take every opportunity, you never know where it leads
  • Seek work experience in an environment you see yourself working in and walk through the open doors.
  • Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know
  • Everyone has a talent, they just must find the courage to share it.
  • Go with your gut instinct

Sometimes a student can say it perfectly. Here is what a past student Emma McClurg had to say about Ali.

Ali provided immaculate teaching skills using a combination of exceptional presentations and excellent hands on teaching skills that catered for all learning abilities. Ali motivates all students to have confidence, strive to pursue excellence and succeed.

Lana Glover
Diploma of Beauty Trainer – Toowoomba Campus

Lana has worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years. She enjoyed her time working in salons but always had the goal to own and operate her beauty business. She achieved her goal and ran her own business in Western Australia for 10 years. Following her passion for beauty and inspiring others to follow their heart to do what they love; Lana began teaching in 2003 at Challenger TAFE in WA. Teaching has been a very rewarding experience bringing her great joy. Now a Qld resident Lana has been managing a salon, teaching beauty, and operating her own business.

Lana’s words of wisdom: Do what you love. You can achieve any goal you want to. Be the best you can be.

Theresa Azzopardi
Beauty Trainer – Cairns Campus

Theresa studied her Diploma of Beauty Therapy while at Highschool. Theresa has since worked as an Assistant Spa Manager on Daydream Island. She currently still works at a local Cairns Spa when she is not training. Theresa says it the amazing clients she meets that really make her appreciate the privilege of her job as a therapist. As a trainer, Theresa sets the intention to make sure her students graduate confident and industry ready in all aspects of the job and can push to achieve what they most love to do.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

Tamsin Smith
Beauty Trainer – Cairns Campus

 Tamsin originally wanted to become a vet but in High School, she completed her work experience in a salon and absolutely loved it. She’s never looked back. At 17 Tamsin completed a 2 year course in Beauty Therapy. Tamsin has enjoyed an amazing International career. She was headhunted to work in Val’d’isere in the French alps as their beauty & spa therapist which led to a management role in both the Greek Islands and the South of France too. Tamsin says her career has been hard work, challenging, and rewarding in so many ways. She also runs her own skincare company Essence by Tamsin. Keep an eye out for it launching in Cairns soon.

 Tamsin loves to inspire the next generation of beauty therapists and share with them the many opportunities a career in Beauty Therapy can lead to. She likes to nurture and push her students to be the very best industry-ready therapists possible by the end of their course. Tamsin’s key to success: Hard work, determination, and a positive mindset. Just put yourself out there!

Rebecca Yabsley
Hair Trainer – Maroochydore Campus

Rebecca has always loved doing hair and helping people. Doing hair seemed a natural gift, even at school, her friends would offer to pay her to make their hair like hers. Rebecca is inspired by creative people who think fast on their feet with great problem-solving skills and who choose to educate others to help them grow. Rebecca has worked alongside Renya Xidis and Carl Reeves at fashion weeks and many celebrities while working at the upmarket, celebrity salon Valonz – salon to the stars.

Rebecca says one of the keys to success in hairdressing is the consult. She says it doesn’t matter how amazing the cut or colour is. If you and your client are not on the same page the standard of the cut won’t matter. Rebecca sees her role as just a trainer but also a mentor. She is inspired to help her students grow both professionally and personally. To be the best they can be and believe in themselves.

Rebecca’s key to success: Success for everyone is different. I believe If you do all in your power to achieve what you believe to be successful then you have achieved success. Being passionate about what I believe to be successful not the person next to me.

Christina Anderson
Hair Teacher – Toowoomba

I started hairdressing when I finished high school. I still didn’t’ know what I wanted to do. Now my job satisfaction grows every year as I build relations with my clients and continue to push myself as a hairstylist, to learn more and master more.  I started my apprenticeship in a big salon where I learnt a lot and excelled quickly. I relocated to a small salon toward the end of my apprenticeship where I made great connections with my co-workers and built lifelong friendships. Having worked in both big and small salons I certainly see the value in both.

I love teaching students how to be passionate about their work, be driven and committed to providing a quality service for their client. One of my keys to success; It’s not just about being a great hairdresser, it’s about getting to know your client and creating a connection that makes that client excited to visit you each time.

I have three children and twelve years on in my career and I still love what I do. I am now a mobile hairdresser, cutting and colouring through the week and a bridal and event hairstylist on weekends. I love upstyling and it was always my favourite aspect of hairdressing. Amazing feedback from brides after their weddings about how much they loved their hair, is so rewarding, in fact, the best feeling!

Anita Kennedy
Hair Teacher – Toowoomba

My career in hair began with an apprenticeship with Stefan, after graduating year 12. I was extremely fortunate getting my start with Stefan. After completing my apprenticeship, I stayed with the company for a further 6 years. During my time at Stefan, I managed both Toowoomba salons. The Grand Central store was awarded top shop and myself and my staff were awarded an all expenses paid overseas holiday! When I left Stefan, I worked in an exclusive salon in Toowoomba for 2 years then opened my own salon. My time has been spent in my salon for the past 12 years. The most rewarding part of my career has been training apprentices, it is a labour of love for me.

I believe it is imperative to never stop learning. I have been very privileged to have some wonderful mentors over the years. Always do what you love and have fun doing it. My key to success: Together with commitment and determination you can achieve anything and everything.

Michelle Michaelson
Make up Teacher – Toowoomba & Sunshine Coast Campuses

I learnt my craft working with top photographers, directors, models and performers. I was lucky enough that my training occurred in a high demand industry where everything had to be exactly right before the shot was taken. I developed the ability to create photoshop like results because of this in strict time-frames.

I trained with Frankilin Chaloner ‘The Makeup Man from New York –  Makeup Artist to the Stars’. Franklin was Training Director for Helena Rubinstein and worked with top movie stars like Joan Crawford amongst all the glamour and style of Hollywood. One of my emerging career highlights was winning the Franklin International College of Beauty’s Top Makeup Artist Award.

I went on to work for Channel Ten, where I received acclaim for my high-level skill-set and my professionalism, my attention to detail and perfect finish. This naturally led to beginning my freelance work for most of the TV Networks in Brisbane and I also explored my creative side by getting involved in experimental photography projects with young photographers.

I first discovered my passion for teaching in the early 90s when I was asked by Lyndall Meredith (famous Australian model of the 70s) and owner of Meredith Casting and Model Management to teach makeup, grooming and deportment class for the models on her books.

I’ve had an amazing career to date, with so much variety and love my job. I’ve worked 20+ model live runway shows where I have designed makeup looks to showcase designer’s creations. I’ve worked backstage in theatre and the fashion industry, in wardrobe, makeup and styling. I was fortunate to work with Miranda Kerr early in her career.

I’ve worked on video clips, photo shoots and on tour in Australia, US and Canada with some of Australia’s most successful rock acts of the time like Divinyls, Chrissy Amphlett, and the Screaming Jets and more recently Tyrone Noonan (George) and Sahara Beck as hair and makeup artist, wardrobe and stylist.  I’ve also worked for David Anderson, one of the photographers for Australian Idol.

I’ve also worked in film with many Australian Directors including Australian writer Steven Sewell’s on his directing debut. I’ve worked with HD camera technology, and up-to-date film industry technology. I completed two feature films and an award winning short film.

I absolutely love to share all the knowledge I have gained over my years of work in make-up.  I am passionate about training high-quality makeup artists that are industry ready, highly skilled and sought after whether as freelance artists or following their makeup dreams with well-known makeup companies. My classroom is a fun environment where we work hard and apply attention to detail in every aspect of makeup from fashion to film.

Melissa Christie
Makeup Trainer – Maroochydore Campus

Makeup has always been a huge passion of mine from a young age. I have a background in business management but quickly decided that my passion for makeup was more than just a hobby. I started training as a makeup artist and moved abroad and was fortunate enough to combine my management experience with my makeup skills and becoming the Chief Stewardess, managing the Spa and Makeup studio onboard luxury super yachts.

I have since had further training and attended workshops in the UK, Italy, Sydney and Demi International. More recently, I worked as a beauty consultant and makeup artist for Estee Lauder world, working for some of my all-time favourite brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford and La Mer. I am now currently a freelance makeup artist in Noosa on the sunshine coast specialising in Bridal, special occasion and photography makeup. My most memorable moments are my destination weddings/photoshoots where I have been asked to travel to places like France and Mexico and most recently Uluru to be the makeup artist.

My biggest inspirations are current working artists such as Lisa Eldridge and Mia Connor. The power of makeup can transform someone but what I love most, is how it transforms my client’s confidence. Makeup is my passion and doesn’t feel like work for me. The face is my canvas and my makeup studio is my playground.

I am excited to now be a part of the team at Demi international and combine my passion for makeup, training and business, to deliver to my students’ exciting course content that is relevant to the industry today that will provide them with the training and knowledge to become working artists. The most important thing for my students to understand is that makeup is an art; there is no end to learning. Commitment and practice is key to success and reflection and evaluation will be essential for growth and development.

Outside of makeup and training, I am a proud wife and mother to 3 beautiful children, twin 4-year-old girls, Ari & Lulu and nearly 1-year old baby boy, Roman. They are the light of my life and bring me so much joy. Whilst makeup is my passion, it is important for me to have a work/family life balance, so I can have my cake and eat it too, as a mum and a makeup artist.

Danielle Lyth Makeup Trainer
Danielle Lyth
Makeup Trainer – Cairns Campus

Danielle’s passion for makeup is what initially inspired her career in the beauty industry, now spanning 20 years. Danielle trained as a beauty therapist on the Gold Coast and shortly after moved to Tropical North Queensland where she continued her journey in Beauty.  Danielle spent a number of years training the Diploma of Beauty Therapy opening her first Studio soon after. This is where her makeup and hair business grew to unanticipated success.  Drawn to the abundant Wedding industry in the Cairns region Danielle began to focus specifically on that.  She continues to nurture her love of creativity within the hair and makeup industry by continually learning.  “The world of makeup artistry is ever-evolving which is an exciting journey in itself.  I have been fortunate enough over the last 13 years to have a successful career as a makeup artist and hairstylist and work alongside and train with some incredible talents.”

Danielle has been involved in a wide variety of work, including events, corporate, editorial and photoshoots.

“I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences in a fun and creative environment while ensuring that you embark on your new career as a professional makeup artist armed with the knowledge and confidence to take on any role in our expansive industry.”

Bree Logan
Makeup Trainer – Maroochydore Campus

Bree is an internationally experienced Gold Coast based makeup artist. With almost 10 years of industry experience and an IMDB credit, her work has spanned from bridal makeups and school formals to feature films, short films, TV commercials, music videos, and theatre productions.

Bree has completed a diploma in specialist makeup services as well as an international diploma in fashion, theatre and media makeup. After completing these, she went on to study a Certificate IV in training and assessing. Bree has worked closely with hair styling teams, collaborating with photographers, models and hairstylists from all over the country, designing makeup looks for events with De Lorenzo and companies alike. Bree has also been recognised for her work as a state makeup artist for Cosmopolitan Models and the Miss World Australia state and national finals.

During her time on the Gold Coast, Bree has been working with Village Roadshow Entertainment as the head of the makeup department at Movie World for their Fright Night events. During these events, Bree has a team of almost 150 makeup artists working under her and around 300 actors to be made up each night.

Most recently with Village Roadshow Theme Parks, Bree had the opportunity to travel to China as the makeup design consultant and subject matter expert for the new Lionsgate Entertainment World theme park. Here, Bree completed designs associated with Lionsgate intellectual property and trained the local makeup team.

Willian Couto_Remedial_Massage-Trainer_ Profile
William Couto
Massage Teacher – Cairns Campus

As a child, I always thought I would work in a field where I could help people. After finishing high school, I knew I would go on to study Physiotherapy. I graduated in 2011 and began working in rehabilitation. Wanting to learn more about the body and how to help my clients I completed a postgraduate in neurological disorders. Since graduating I have worked in Sports Rehabilitative Centers, Neurology Centers, Intensive Unit Care, and Nursing Homes. Working in the Nursing home has touched my Willian’s heart. I have been working with manual therapy and physiotherapy for almost 10 years and I’m specialized in spine disorders, ortho and neurorehabilitation and manual therapy.

I moved to Australia in 2014 to experience a different lifestyle and new opportunities. I added Remedial Massage to my skills, and I now enjoy training others on how to improve people’s well-being. I’m very grateful for the life I live. I love surfing and spending time in nature. I have a dream to one day build a Rehabilitative Center for people who can’t afford high-quality treatments.

The key to success, in my opinion, is to be grateful for what you already have. Be in touch with what gifts you have to share with people, and then work hard to develop the skills required.

Kym Levy
Remedial Massage Teacher – Sunshine Coast Campus

Kym has worked in the health Industry now for 11 years in the Massage and Nursing professions.  She has worked with people who require rehabilitation post injury and the sporting community. She also has a love for postural re-alignment and working with Children on relaxation and balance pre and post their sports activities.

Kym believes one of the best things about training is being in a support role to help people achieve their dreams and goals and improve their self-worth.

Kym maintains that learning happens through laughter and fun and her classroom environment reflects this. She believes “we are all unique and special, and have something amazing to offer, and we all have our own goals and through being individuals we can inspire each other and work together with our individual strengths to achieve those goals.”

Kym is self-employed as a Remedial Massage Therapist and Healer, working closely with Fitness Experts and Rehabilitation Professionals. She is also currently in the process of writing 3 books.

What is her key to success?

“is being true to yourself.  You should always be willing to learn, and be adaptable to change, as this will allow you to grow both personally and professionally.”

Lyn Edals Photo
Lyn Slade
Massage Teacher – Toowoomba Campus

Hi I’m Lyn

I started my career in massage, not in a traditional way. I was working in the Rehabilitation Ward at the Base hospital Toowoomba as the Allied Health Therapy assistant to the Allied Health Professionals. I was asked to massage the arm of one of the patients to encourage a better outcome for the Physiotherapist working with them.  At the next meeting it was suggested that for professional development, I should complete a basic massage course. Enjoyed it so much went on to do a Diploma in Remedial massage and much more!

I established Edals Therapy Center after years working in large clinics. I’ve been teaching Advance Product Making and Reflexology on the Sunshine Coast. I also work as a complementary therapist at a Nursing Home in Toowoomba and I have a room at Palm Lake Resort (Retirement Village).  I love to share knowledge, I’m a life-long learner. I love my job, supporting people with their health and well-being gets me up every day. It’s a joy to go to work. 

I believe the key to success is… Never giving up, determination, believing gin yourself.  Whatever the day brings, walk through with confidence as the sun will still shine tomorrow.

Meet Nail Technician Jo
Jo Van Bladel
Nail Teacher – Cairns & Sunshine Coast Campuses

Jo is our much loved Nail trainer. Driven by a love of what she does and a love of learning. Jo is respected for her knowledge and her students benefit from her love of sharing that knowledge. Jo sparkles in the classroom, literally!

She loves training nail art, especially glitter and colour, and all the things that make a nail unique.

As one of her students said:

I trained under Jo four years ago. She is a truly amazing teacher. She is dedicated to her students and is always looking at new ways to engage them. As a nail technician, Jo’s skills are up there with the best and she is constantly improving. I know I can call on Jo for help and advice at any time. She is a very welcoming and caring lady. I cannot recommend her highly enough

Kerrel Clifford, Red’s Nails and Beauty.

Jo provides her graduating students with the skills to explore their own creative souls, create beautiful unique nails and turn it into a job they absolutely love doing. Her training is client focussed as she believes it is an important part of the job to “make the client’s feel as if they are the most important person in the world”, something she learned from her experience first starting out in a small business.

Jo originally began her career in nails, over 20 years ago. Becoming a nail technician/artist gave Jo the flexibility she needed to take care of her young son, she loved it and she’s been successfully creating beautiful nails for her loyal clients ever since. She has a wish to collaborate with as many nail techs as she can, and create a nail community that keeps the industry growing.

When we asked Jo what her key to success was she said “Practice, practice, practice and never stop learning”.

Julie Watt_profile pic_ Salon Management_IPL_LSO_Maintain infection control
Julie Watt
IPL/Laser Teacher – Cairns & Sunshine Coast Campuses

I began my training in nursing but realized that it wasn’t the career for me. I found it very hard to detach from my work. It felt natural for me to then move into beauty and clinical aesthetics. I loved the industry because it centered around making people feel good about themselves.  I have over 30 years of industry experience. My specialty areas are in advanced treatments such as IPL and laser and light therapies, advanced skin treatments such as chemical peels, skin needling, dermaplaning, skin tightening procedures and plasma fibroblast,

I have worked in and managed various salons, clinics and training over the years. I have been with Demi International for going on 8 years. I have moved from the Sunshine Coast to Longreach in outback Qld, and my role in the company has changed. I am still proud to still be part of the team. I would say it is my most memorable workplace in my career because of the people, staff and students.

I love sharing my experience and knowledge with the students. It’s wonderful to see students soak up new information. Learning is not just about what you can learn from the materials given to you, but the knowledge and experience of others who have been where you want to go. I like my students to feel comfortable. No question is a silly question. I think everyone has something to contribute to a learning environment, and I encourage this.

My key to success. Do what you do for the love of it, not for money. Put your heart and soul into whatever you choose to commit to. If you do something for the right reasons and work hard, the money will come amongst other rewards.

Daniela Galofre
Student Recruitment – International College of Qld (Demi’s International Arm)

I was born in Colombia and now Australia is home. I have been working in International Education for over 5 years and I love it!

It is a great feeling to have the opportunity to help international students to fulfil and achieve their career goals. I am passionate about helping because I completely understand the process, having been an International student myself (I completed my Bachelor of Marketing in Spain and came to Australia to do my Masters in Human Resources).

I have always been interested in trying new experiences, ideas, and concepts. Continuously pushing myself out of my comfort zone, discovering new countries (l have visited 19 countries and look forward to more travel), exploring cultures and being part of a different environment.  I believe that if you can dream it you can do it, and everything is possible if you plan well and work for it.

Teddie Baker
Business Development Manager

My background or my career started in Retail, then Graphic Design. I worked in the retail and design industry for over 10 years. I owned a design and print broking business. I also worked for Ronald… McDonald’s Head Office in the Marketing Department. After 10 years in marketing and design, I decided I wanted a change and went into the Beauty Industry.

I just love all things Beauty. I love making people feel great and beautiful about themselves. I owned 2 Beauty Salons in Brisbane and a Hair and Beauty salon on the Gold Coast.  I was introduced to the RTO Industry in 2013 as ‘Client Relations Manager’. I fell in love with the training industry straight away. It is so rewarding to help guide students, sharing the moment of excitement as they complete their chosen qualification and then go on to be successful in their industry.

Work is such a large part of life. You have to find what you love to do to be truly satisfied! I love what I do.  I have never settled for just a job because I have to pay the bills!  How lucky am I to LOVE what I do helping others to turn their dreams into reality too.!

Kindness and compassion are high on my list of values. I keep a positive outlook always and am driven by my purpose to see everyone succeed, students, Demi International and myself!

Stacey Oertel
Manager – People, Performance & Quality

“Making someone feel special, I believe is the best gift of all”

That’s probably my motto in life and it translates to everything I do. Even in the classroom I am always encouraging my students to be the best versions of themselves. I believe this is paramount to getting them industry ready, so they can hit the ground running. Not only will they have all the essential skills they need but the confidence and self-belief to become successful in their chosen area.

People inspire me the most. My family are the most important thing in my life.  I have been so blessed to work with so many wonderful people, including the fabulous teaching team I am a part of now.  Working internationally on cruise liners has probably been my most memorable experience. Even then it was about making as many people as possible feel and look good. That included all ages and walks of life. As well as my cruise liner experience my favourite freelance work to do is weddings and special occasions.  Being a part of someone’s wedding day is very special. I love the excitement and although at times you are required to work under extreme pressure, the anticipation of the event always wins out. The smile on the faces of the people you have just made feel special is the best reward every single time.

Teaching to me is a reciprocal experience. The student learns from the teacher and the teacher learns from the student. I truly believe we can all learn something from each other. I especially encourage questions, a million or more, that is what learning is all about. My aim in the classroom is to create an environment that is relaxed, supportive and inclusive of everyone. I really believe to succeed we have to be kind, to ourselves and to others.

There’s no drifting though.  I am very focused and goal orientated and lead my students to set goals and develop the will to achieve them through dedication and hard work.  In fact that is my key to success:

“Be kind to yourself, believe in yourself.  Nothing just falls into your lap.  You need to be dedicated and work hard.  Set goals and do what ever is necessary to make them happen!

I look forward to having you join me in the best educational experience in makeup you’ll ever have!

Love Stace x

seonaid profile
Seonaid Boyle
Manager – Communications and Quality

I started with Demi International over 8 years ago as a trainer. I then moved on to work in administration, student support, student enrolments, education design and compliance. Over the years it has been such a joy for me to watch Demi International grow from 5 students to now 4 campuses. Its been very exciting to see students achieving their dream jobs or using their studies as a stepping stone to achieving a much bigger dream. It’s rewarding to be part of a wonderful team, passionate about education.  A dedicated bunch of people, driven to create more opportunities, for regional students to study what they love while living where they love to be. My role now is about sharing what we do with as many people as possible who are passionate about the personal services industry, making sure every student is having an amazing experience, while also taking care of the government requirements of an RTO.

I love to learn so it’s no surprise to me that I have found a career in education. I get a real kick out of seeing people inspired to try something new, discover their talents and build their confidence to share their gifts and what they have learnt out in the real-world.

I am a lover of nature and get out into it as often as possible. I love people and to travel. I’m inspired daily by our diversity and interconnectedness.  I also love to geek out on health, nutrition and yoga. Being accepted, out of thousands of applications as an attendee at TEDx Brisbane 2017 event Rise Up is one of my most memorable experiences.

My key to a beautiful life: There is always a solution for everything. I’ve learnt through life that nothing is impossible, everyone is capable of so much more than they know. Focus on the journey, you can dream it and believe it, but unless you act on it then it can’t be. “A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step” Just take it!


Ann Donnarumma

I am the Owner/Director of Demi International. I’m proud to say over the last 10+ years Demi International is now one of Queensland’s most successful and awarded academy’s. It’s always rewarding for me to see so many students graduate and gain steady employment doing what they love to do. And I do see them often out in the industry. I love to catch up and hear their stories of success.

I come from a hard working, blue-collar family in Bundaberg. I left home at 17 to pursue a career in the city. I worked in the financial services space for Suncorp for many years and bought my first beauty salon while still working. I’ve always loved anything and everything to do with beauty and fashion. I sold my salon in 2012 which gave the opportunity to acquire Demi International.

My key to success: Take action. One step forward every day in the direction of your goals. Courage isn’t the absence of fear – its feeling fear and moving forward anyway.

The celebrations along the way are what make it worth it.